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Feb 15, 2011
@ 3:11 pm
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Changing the World

It only takes one photo to change the world. Just one photo to make a difference. I’m no more noble than any other hard working photographer, except for the fact that I’ll tell you that I’m working for a cause, not a paycheck.

I am not just some fashion photographer or commercial wannabe who takes pictures for money.  I risk life and limb to make the picture. I’m going to make the perfect image that will save the life of a child, and it doesn’t matter that I didn’t bother to talk to him while capturing his suffering. Afterall, I am a photojournalist and that means that I don’t do this for the money.

I do it because I am more righteous than you and I know it. I’m so passionate about my cause that I am going to remind you of it every time we have a beer. I dare you to scroll through my facebook comments from friends dealing with guilt- driven admiration and trendy, humanitarian jealousy of my selfless lifestyle.

It is no coincidence that all my camera bags are earth tones of leather and canvas. I wear a scarf from Pakistan and a bracelet from the DRC. I have a voodoo keychain from Haiti and a red shirt from Thailand. It’s kind of like wearing a flag that tells everyone I have been to the craziest places at the craziest times. Remember, it’s always because I was there to help.

Now don’t forget to pay me after our heated discussion about my usual day rate and NGO discount. And please, if we agreed on using one of my images for your charity organization’s website, don’t let me find it in your newsletter, or I’ll have an attorney so far up your ass that your eyes won’t even be able to see the dirty, little children you’re trying to feed.

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